How To Get Started


(Click the UNDERLINED LINKS below to view or print forms) 

1 - Download, fill out, and e-mail or fax back the following form: 

- Driver Evaluation Request (Word) or (Mac/Pages Version) -

    * If you prefer to fill it out by hand, you can download the 'PDF' document here and fax or mail it back.

2 - Contact your physician and request a referral/prescription for a 'Drivers Evaluation'.  Just print out the pre-printed 'Physician Referral' form and provide it to the doctor. The return fax number is on the form.

3 - Review and return the following form:    - Client Consent, Contract & Release of Information -

(This can be done via e-mail, fax or/and provided at the time of service)

4 - Due to COVID-19 clients will now be 'screened' both at the time an appointment is scheduled (over the phone) as well as again at the start of the appointment (in person). Additionally, the client will be required to review and sign the: CLIENT AGREEMENT TO RECEIVE SERVICES DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC

Once the Physician Referral & Driver Evaluation Request are received you will be contacted to arrange an appointment date & time.

Please Note: Cancellation of appointment with less than 48 hours notice will be charged a $100 cancellation fee.