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The Safe Driver: Evaluation Request  or PDF Version

Fill out this form and fax (650-275-5898 -or- 650-560-0108) or e-mail it back to: 


The Safe Driver: Physician Referral

Print out this form, have your physician fill it out, and fax it to the number included on the form to request services.

DMV Self Referral 

Fill this form out and return to a local DMV to request a re-evaluation of your driving skills.


DMV Driver Safety Offices

For a full list of CA DMV Safety offices. It is always best to call for an appointment first. 


DMV Request for Re-examination

This is a form to fill out if you have concerns regarding the driving safety of another individual. This alerts the DMV to your concerns and may prompt them to re-evaluate that driver's safety or other actions.


Driver Medical Evaluation

DMV form, which physician completes, that includes health and medical information (only required upon DMV request). 


DMV SampleTests - Free

Advanced Vehicle Technology (My Car Does What?)

Educational resource for vehicle safety features and an introduction to the future of fully automated vehicles.


AAA Roadwise Review Online (Out of Service at this time)

Wonderful FREE screening tool developed by AAA

DMV Senior Driving Information

*DMV Senior Ombudsman Program

The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (ADED)

Their links include: 


     Corporate Members

     Government Sites

     Mobility Equipment Dealer Members

     Rebate Programs

     Resource Sites


American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)

AARP Driver Safety Program


National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


Family Conversations with Older Drivers (The Hartford Insurance Corp.)


Physician’s Guide to Assessing & Counseling Older Drivers (American Medical Assoc.) 


A Practical Guide to Alzheimer’s, Dementia & Driving (The Hartford Insurance Corp.) 


Senior Driver Website (AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety)


National Center for Injury Prevention & Control – Older Drivers Page


Research on Driving & Dementia (Washington University ADRC) 


NMEDA- National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association

Provides you with information, training, and resources to help you improve the safe mobility of seniors in your community.


Preparing for your Supplemental Driving Performance Evaluation PDF (or DMV Link)

Guide from the CA DMV telling you how to prepare and what to expect during your driving test if you have a medical issue (testing at the DMV Safety Office).

How to Prepare for Your DMV Driving Test‏ (CA DMV link)


Driver License and Identification (ID) Card Information (CA DMV link)


Report of Vision Examination

DMV form to be filled out by you and your vision specialist if requested by the DMV.


Reporting lapses of consciousness

DMV regulation about reporting, including dementia – Alzheimer’s.


Confidential Morbidity Report

State of California Mandatory reporting form filled out by medical providers if there may be issues with your ability to drive. (CA Department of Public Health - Lapse of consciousness or control)  


Vision Conditions and Actions

DMV tables that outline physical and mental conditions by definition and severity and what actions they are expected to take in responses to assure safety behind the wheel.


Assessment of Readiness for Mobility Transition (ARMT)

Free tool to help evaluate emotional and attitudinal readiness to cope with driving cessation.


Senior Mobility Guide - San Mateo County


Senior Transportation Options -The Berverly Foundation 

Wonderful resources related to alternate transportation in your area.

California Driver Handbook

Occupational Therapy Driving Readiness Tool

Driver Licensing Policies and Practices

Senior drivers licensing policies organized by state, including DMV, law enforcement, and medical advisory board practices.

Wheelchair Tie Down Education Handout (Ride Safe) - More Detailed handout (power point)

Simple PDF that shows best practices for transporting someone in a wheelchair. (Full Educator Toolbox)

Safety Self Screening Tools

Caregiver: Is your loved one driving safely- Quiz

Close Call Quiz (AARP)

Drivers 55 plus: Self Screening

Driving and Dementia Toolkit

Driving Decisions Workbook

Safer Driving: Decisions Workbook (University of Michigan)

Driving Safety While Aging Gracefully

AARP Resources: 

         - Refresh Your Driving Skills

         - Safe Driving Resources and Tips

         - Driving Assessment

VTA Senior Mobility Guide:

Transportation Options and Servicesto Help you Stay Mobile and Active (English & Spanish)

Mobility AmbassadorsBrochure (San Mateo County)

SENIOR MOBILITY GUIDE: Santa Clara& San Mateo Counties

Resources for Older Adults &People with Disabilities: San Francisco (includes transportation options)

*** Additional Resources for Seniors *** 

Senior Health Issues

Senior Citizen Resource Guide – helpful information for senior citizens to help learn about various health issues.

Vision Information – information about the need for good vision to maintain your drivers license and how it is tested.

Staying Healthy as a Senior – tips and resources for senior citizens on how to stay healthy.

Age Related Links – useful site aimed at helping seniors remain healthy and being safe drivers.

Aging and Driving Concerns

Effects of Aging on Driving Ability (PDF) – article discussing the effects that aging has on driving ability and reflects.

Vision, Aging and Driving – helpful information on the problems associated with aging and in particular, driving issues.

Mature Drivers – information about how the changes due to age and even technology can be a problem for senior citizens.

Aging and Driving Performance (PDF) – study outlining the factors in driving pertaining to the elderly.

Aging and Driving (PDF) – article discussing the technical problems with vision in the elderly.


Senior Safe Driving Tips

Injury Prevention – tips and recommendations on how to keep senior citizens safe when driving.

Senior Driver Overview – information and a brief overview of driving for senior citizens.

Coping with Illness and Age – helpful resources and suggestions on how to deal with illness and age.

Safe Driving – resourceful site providing a variety of resources for safe driving.

Driving Tips for Senior Citizens – basic tips that can be utilized by senior citizen drivers.

Senior Citizen Driving – information for older drivers to deal with the challenges of aging.


Unsafe Driving Problems

Senior Driving – helpful guide for seniors on being a safe driver.

Older Driver Safety – useful government information aimed at helping older drivers be safe.

Elderly Driving – helping to show senior citizens on being safer drivers regardless of age and abilities.

Weather and Driving Conditions

Safe Winter Driving – common sense tips on how to drive safely during the winter.

Winter Driving Tips – helpful tips for drivers to navigate the roads safely during the winter.

Driving in Bad Weather (PDF) – informative article outlining common sense practices for safe driving in bad weather.

Driving Hazards and Safety – useful suggestions on how to drive in bad and hazardous conditions.


Time for Senior Citizens to Stop Driving

Driving Decision – information to help senior citizens make the decision to stop driving.

Stopping Driving – helpful article that helps seniors make a decision about continuing to drive.

Senior Driving Safety discussion of self-evaluation and driving skills for senior citizens along with alternatives to driving.

Senior Driving – useful topics are covered providing information on when senior citizens should stop driving.


Senior Driving Resources

Driving Skills Resources – useful information and resources that are helpful to senior citizen drivers.

Resource Guide – information to assist senior citizens in being safer drivers.

Assessing Older Drivers – assessment information and resources to determine the abilities of elderly drivers.

Senior Safety Resources – information for seniors to remain safe both on and off the roadways.

Elderly Drivers – overview of the problems associated with drivers who are limited physically or mentally.

Resources for Older Drivers – helpful collection of resources that can be used by older drivers.